Apple iCar Project

Apple iCar project: Forthcoming high tech innovation for automobiles

Apple iCar project is the next big thing and the most awaited car to look out for..!As the name sounds really interesting and we all know that Apple is working on several other major projects but recently the CEO of the company has given the statement and confirmed that the company is working on an autonomous driving system with an effective technology that can catch many people’s eye to go for it. So let us discuss about the new invention of an apple icar project along with its stunning sublime functionalities.


apple-icar design
apple-icar design


Apple iCar project
Apple iCar project model

Though the company has several projects going on behind the scenes but one of the most anticipated projects of technology used by the apple company would be the invention of an apple icar. It is very huge and gigantic project where many Apple employees are working and it is interesting to see how this company just like several other companies who are working on automobiles using such technological system will find its way into the cars of the future. Considering the fact that the company recently received a permit to test self-driving cars in California, the rumors are perhaps closer to reality.

This  stunning and mesmerizing apple icar project has been named ‘Titan‘, and most importantly Tim Cook is taking its development into consideration very seriously, which is evident from the fact that there are people designated to work on the project and engineers from big companies like Blackberry have been hired to develop the autonomous car Os in foreign countries.

What will be the  eye-catching features of this ultimate Apple iCar ???

Apple iCar project
Apple iCar project-interior technology

At this moment, it is difficult to determine principal features of Apple’s upcoming vehicle, a report from Business Insider gives us a look at what representatives chipping away at the venture needed the car to offer.  Employees who are working for this project, have demonstrated some salient features. Some of them are as follows:


  • According to the rumours, it would be an electric vehicle, most likely powered by an electric motor or hydrogen fuel cells. Whatever the source will be, it won’t be the traditional combustion engine. However, any technology used for this icar is more powerful and will definitely attract the audience without any doubt.
  • Rather than concentrating on the powersource and the drive, the spotlight of this car will focus more on gadgets along with the connectivity, route, amusement and alike. It will be a self sufficient vehicle.
  • Like Apple phones, the car would be a costly suggestion. From its advancement to it being purchased. Although, the company has already invested huge amount  on this newly innovative project.
  • One of the most productive feature in this type of icar project would be having V2X tehnology (vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure). Having this kind of feature in the car definitely an eye catching one where no other cars would have such functionality inside. That means these cars will be able to communicate with other cars and external frameworks like street light, buildings, cycles or pedestrians.
  • If speculations are to be trusted the iCar would be more similar to a minivan, and will be put in production by 2020.
  • While the iCar may be accessible for purchase as traveler vehicles, they could be utilized as a part of ride sharing services or as self-driving cabs.
  • Tesla has been playing the field without anyone else’s input so far with its electric cars, however the iCar would turn out to be a genuine rivalry to Elon Musk’s autonomous empire.
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