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apple emoji looks more attractive and are displayed on iPhone, iPad, Mac etc as part of the Apple Color Emoji font. However, iPhone X is having different collective features which are nothing but animoji.

Since digital communication has become more superior than any other form of communication by typing out a short conversation and hitting Send.Just look around on any prominent social network or open up your last couple of instant messages to see how many smileys faces, hearts, animals, food, and other picture-based characters you can spot.

The development of these emojis are rapidly growing and has become so popular in such a way that, today in most of the people in different parts of the world are being regularly used on various kind of social network sites, like  InstagramFacebookTwitter, and others.

Latest News  by Emojipedia/apple emoji

 New emojis are being added all the time. But 2018 is going to be a fantastic year for iPhone users because this week the Unicode Consortium has just finalized 150 unbelievable new lists of icons including a stunning collection of a cupcake, lobster and pirate flag. Apart from this collection, we also have a new variety of hairstyles like curly or bald. The animal section can also be seen which contains kangaroo, llama, swan, and mosquito.Funny smiley faces like a “cold face” with dangling icicles, a partying face and a “woozy” emoji along with New superheroes and villains added in the list, and  Finally, popular activities like lacrosse, knitting, sewing, and skateboarding are also represented.


new emojis
New emoji images

 New emojis first look sample video:

  New emoji list sample images by Emojipedia:
apple emoji
apple emoji

This is the sample image of animals section. These are more fascinating animal emoji’s available in Unicode 11 which is added in emoji list and is growing with the addition of a giraffe, a zebra, a hedgehog, what resembles a Brachiosaurus, and a bug that I believe is a cricket but might be a grasshopper. 

apple emoji
apple emoji

Another eye-catching feature in emoji would be the collection of seasonable items. emoji are preparing you for the cold season with characters in addition to gloves, a scarf, a trenchcoat, and a baseball cap.

apple emoji
apple emoji

This type of emoji is considered as Chinese takeout box and such interesting food elements comprises leafy greens, bagel, and salt. However, it has joined the long-awaited dumpling emoji in Unicode 10, together with broccoli and a pie of unknown provenance. 

Declared today by the Unicode Consortium, Emoji 11.0 marks the first run through new components are available for hair color. Several Options are implemented for red hair, curly hair, white hair, and baldness which are designed to be gender-neutral and these are available for use in sequences for men and women of any skin tone.

Anyone can get impressed by looking this dazzling heart-shaped colorful emoji in mobiles or tablets. This is a great feature installed in the latest version and we can see there’s going to be a new orange heart emoji, that means you can spell out a complete rainbow of love for anyone who doesn’t figure out between indigo and violet.

The design of mythical emoji is well portrayed to expedite the process of arranging D&Dsessions. 

Smiley faces always look much attractive in terms of any emoji emotions. Taking this into consideration, this time in Unicode 10 we get a whole lot more expressive, running the gamut from foul-mouthed anger to calm pleas for silence. 

Fans of curling, rock climbing, and spas must be happy with these great designed “wellness”-related additions. 

Users can wait to watch this latest brand-new emojis on their mobile phones in the second half of the year 2018. However, Apple generally updates its emoji along with spectacular features in the fall after new iOS hits the market. But as we know in the previous year we saw the 10.0 version emoji update which takes place in the month of October.

All the samples of more than hundred emoji’s are generated by Emojipedia, organized in a sublime Apple-like style format and has been outlined a good overview of what iPhone or iPad OS & macOS gadget users can predict when the amazing characters see combination later this year.

Apart from the stunning collection of characters shown in above, there are several other remarkable that include emojis for prominent activities like sewing, knitting, lacrosse, and skateboarding, a smiley face with a party hat and confetti, a pleading face and “hot” and “cold” face appearances. 


Above is the  Emojipedia Sample Images for Emoji 11.0. Original designs created by Emojipedia to display how these emojis might look when released. 

Much awaited release date

Recently Mark Davis, president of Unicode, spoke to Emojipedia about their most recent additions and its release date:

“The emoji list announced today is declared as final. So vendors can start work on this year’s remarkable emoji. We will Launch the final specification for Emoji 11 in synchrony with the Unicode 11 release and is going to be targeted in the month of June. All the users can predict and expected to see the latest emoji along with its lovely features which are rolling out later in the second half of 2018. However, this sensational and dazzling feature is also seen in the iOS 12 version”.

The updated Emoji is the latest version today which was termed as 11.0 is followed by  Emoji 5.0 As per the recently published report, both Emoji 12.0 and Unicode 12.0 is aligning for release in the month of March 2019.

                                                                      Photo: Emojipedia.

More about Emoji 11.0:


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